Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Menu Planning

Organization should be my middle name. I'm also a planner. I love organizing and planning everything from vacations, to what's for dinner - which prompted me to find a monthly menu planner that would be beneficial when it came to "What's for dinner tonight?".

Now having a newborn, I like to have at least have two weeks of meals planned out in advance - and have all the ingredients stocked - to save me {or the husband} from making multiple spur-of-the-moment trips out to the grocery store. Normally I plan out dinners on a loose leaf sheet of paper, but my type A personality was begging for a more organized system. I came to know about the site Organized Home when I came across this great article on Simple Mom {pertaining to menu planning}.

Organzied Home
is full of free downloadable templates that allow you to create a personalized Household Notebook - that is going to prove to be extremely beneficial for me! I wanted to pass on the site to you and show you just some of the free templates that pertain to menu planning in case you also want to jump aboard!

Perhaps you would like to follow a weekly menu plan, as opposed to a monthly one...

Need to keep all your favorite recipes in one place?....

Do you have cook books with pages that are flagged with recipes that you'd like to "eventually" try?....
I read a great piece of advice found in an online article on menu planning: When writing out your shopping list, divide it into categories that will make your shopping experience faster:
Meat / Seafood / Deli / Bakery / Dairy / Snacks / Drinks / Produce / Canned Goods / Frozen Food / Household Supplies.
Want to keep track of how much you've spent at each store on food to ensure that you're staying on budget?....
I just love this site!

Want to create your own Household Notebook?

While my focus is primarily meal planning, the site has so many downloadable templates - everything from freezer/pantry inventory, diet tracker, travel checklist, birthday party planner, yard sale checklist...the list goes on! Click here to see them all!!


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