Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby's Bassinet

This is the bassinet that little Ilah will be sleeping in {in our bedroom} the first few months being home...

Brand: Bertini Wood Bassinet, Valencia

It's a top registry item at Babies-R-Us and is highly rated on many websites. When we saw it in person, not only was it visually pretty but had many features which we liked.

The bassinet can rock or be locked into the stationary position. The soft retractable canopy allows for easy access to baby. It has comfortable quilted bedding that's machine washable. There are 5 soothing songs with an auto shut off after 15 minutes to help baby fall asleep. And then there's the storage shelf that helps keeps baby items within reach.

I read many recommendations from mom's who were all about a bassinet in the first few months of their little ones life and highly recommended that other mom's do the same. Both me, and my husband, slept in bassinets from 0-3 months and both of our moms said we slept wonderfully in them. Every baby is different, as not all take well to a bassinet, but we decided for several reasons to go this route. I hope our baby girl takes well to this bassinet and sleeps good in it!


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